Det. Vincent Kenneth

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Det. Vincent Kenneth

Post by Kyo Sunbringer on Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:00 am


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Name: Vincent Eve Kenneth
Date of Birth: 24/12/1970
Age: 27
Nationality: Japanese-American
Occuptation: Detective - Raccoon Police
Personality: Kindhearted / Brash / Happy-Go-Lucky
Crucial?: Absolutely not!

Access of Gear allowance
Additional Information

Hair Style: Shoulder Length with long fringe to cover right eye (Presumably to hide his Heterochromia)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Left; Crystal Blue. Right; Hazel Brown
Facial Features: Young/Feminine features on face, smooth skin.
Body Features: No Information.
Clothing: Stereotypical Green Longcoat, White Shirt w/Black Vest and Red Tie, Black Cargo Pants and black boots.
Build: Slim/Below Average Muscle (Loss of weight due to recent severe depression episode)
Weapon: Black Betty (Beretta M92F), Extra Magazine of ammo. (reports state he never uses it.)
Possessions: Cigarettes, Small medical supplies, photo of family (Circle over small boy presumably aged 8--).

Known abilities and Professions

Trained R.P.D. Officer - Has knowledge of weapon mastery/hand to hand mastery.

Detective Award - Top detective work shows resourcefulness and wit.

Blown Fuse - Known for impatience on suspected criminals, often restrained.

Gourmet Palette - Before his depression, Vincent was one who enjoyed foods of high fat and sugar, Cola was the prime suspect, remarkably due to high metabolism doesn't seem to go over average weight.

Personal Info/Relationships

Kenneth Family
Loving wife and 2 children, boy and girl. Vincent however lost his son due to a missing person's case which lead to severe depression. The wife supports Vincent and tries to keep sane under the pressure.
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