Monthly Quiz Competition - January 2016!

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Monthly Quiz Competition - January 2016!

Post by Kyo Sunbringer on Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:38 am

Here's some music to help with your thinking caps:

Hi all! Welcome to our quiz show, better pay attention cause all of these details are important!

To compete, you must have knowledge of the lore and CAPCOM related material (15 mindbending questions, OH MY!), those with the highest marks win a prize! Oh and runners up will get a little special something, too!

In order to enter, you MUST PM me or Frank with the subject: "Quiz Answers for January" - for E.G.


Ready!? HERE WE GO!

Quiz Questions!:
1. How many games has Chris Redfield been in?:

2. What is Barry Burton's preferred weapon of choice?:

3. If you search Wesker's desk 50 times... You'll find?:

4. Name the games Shinji Mikami worked on while working for CAPCOM:

5. Name CAPCOM's most cherished video game series(s):

6. What is the japanese name of 'Resident Evil'?:

7. Which monster of the Resident Evil series is the most popular?:

8. How do you APPLY a green herb PROPERLY?:

9. [Personal Question, extra marks but not required!] Favourite Character of the Resident Evil series and why?:

10. What caliber of rounds does Barry's Special Samurai Edge use?:

11. Who was Barry Burton's weapons partner?:

12. Which Resident Evil game left the "Survival Horror" route?:

13. The events of the very first infection happened on?:

14. What is the safe number in the captain's office?:

15. Chris punched a boulder to...?:

Congratulations! Pencils down, my darlings... But it's not "OVER" yet.

Very optional, but it can give you extra marks for the final question...

EXTRA. Your favourite Resident Evil game and why?

We will let you know what prizes you get, but in the meantime... Enjoy this!

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